Almost a third of people in the UK view their GP as a first port of call when suffering from a sore throat, new research indicates – with a significant proportion expecting antibiotics to treat their symptoms. 

The research, commissioned by menthol confectionery brand Jakemans, highlights that 31 per cent of people visit their GP for a sore throat. 35 per cent said they expect to leave the surgery with a prescription for antibiotics, despite the fact that they are ineffective in most cases and growing concerns around the threat posed by antimicrobial resistance.

Pharmacist Marvin Munzu said: “The majority of sore throats are caused by viruses, meaning antibiotics will be an ineffective method of treatment. Most sore throats are self-limiting and can be soothed with menthol confectionery without the need for prescribed medication.

“Pharmacists are a wealth of untapped knowledge of how to address common health concerns. Unlike a doctor, the pharmacist is on hand to offer advice without the need for an appointment.”

Jakemans brand manager Elizabeth Hughers-Gapper said: “It is revealing to learn that people are turning more to their GP than pharmacist when they are suffering with a sore throat. Over the counter remedies are a longstanding favourite for soothing sore throat and have been for many years.”


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