The NPA has stepped up its defense of pharmacy against the looming government cuts with the launch of a paper petition to Prime Minister, David Cameron.

“There is already a parliamentary e-petition in circulation and I encourage you all to support it. The petition we are announcing today is different for a number of ‎important reasons,” said NPA chairman, Ian Strachan.

“Firstly, it is not targeted at parliament – instead, it will appeal directly to the heart of Government: No 10 Downing Street. Secondly, it is a paper based petition rather than an electronic petition; we know that for many people, including elderly patients, this is the preferred way to express their support.”

The petition is just the NPA’s latest step is an “intensification of efforts to counter the Government’s misguided approach”.

Speaking at the launch of the petition, Mr Strachan praised the amount of customers that pharmacies have encouraged to send local pharmacy support postcards, saying: “We intended to fill the mail bags of MPs across England. What a success your efforts in this phase of the campaign are delivering! Many pharmacies are completing 50+ in a day and ordering more cards. Many have initiated visits by local MPs to visit the pharmacy, so well done.”

The pharmacy body had already appealed for all independents to write to their MPs to ‘raise awareness of the value that local pharmacies bring to patients and whole communities.’

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