The Community Pharmacy IT Group, a new body that aims to further the use of digital technology in pharmacy, convened for the first time on Wednesday 8 June at the NPA’s Hertfordshire headquarters. It brings together the former Pharmacy Voice IT Group and the PSNC IT Working group into a single stream of planning and activity.

IT Group RPS, CCA, AIM, NPA and PSNC are all represented as equal partners in the Group. Richard Dean (AIM representative and formerly chair of the Pharmacy Voice IT Group) was elected to chair the new group and David Broome (PSNC representative) was elected vice chair.

The purposes of the Group, formally agreed at the meeting, include:

  • Develop a shared vision for the optimum use of digital technology in community pharmacy in England
  • Provide a forum to discuss new digital technologies which may have a future impact on community pharmacy practice
  • Support the development of user-led recommendations that can be considered by suppliers
  • Provide a credible, respected forum for sector-wide engagement with NHS Digital and other national bodies on the vision, strategy and operational plans for delivering optimum use of digital technology in community pharmacy
  • Develop an implementation strategy for delivering optimum use of digital technology in community pharmacy and oversee a joint work-programme to deliver it
  • Provide, through its member organisations, recommendations and advice to community

Richard Dean said after the meeting: “This new group, with its unique cross-sector membership, has an important task ahead of it: to develop a shared vision for the use of digital technology in community pharmacy in England; and to work together to implement changes that will benefit pharmacies, patients and the NHS.”

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