Pharmacists should advise customers to be realistic when dieting, according to XLS-Medical dietician, Jodie Relf.

Customers should be advised to take their time and not rush to make drastic changes, believes Ms Relf.

‘If you have a glass of coke and chocolate bar everyday, cut it down to once every other day. Then a few weeks later cut it down again to twice a week, and then once a week.’

'It’s important that people don’t go from one extreme to the other, or go for fad diets,’ added Ms Relf.

‘People need to build at it and cut down slowly. If you jump right in, you’ll find it too tough.’

Speaking at the launch of the XLS-Medical weight loss tablet ‘Max Strength’, Ms Relf gave her top three tips for dieters.

‘People should aim for a balanced diet. It’s really important to eat a good mix. Don’t deprive yourself. A treat once in a while is okay. Finally, just keep going. Try your best to stay motivated and don’t get disheartened when you don’t see results straightaway. You didn’t gain the weight straight away, so it’ll take time.’

Weight loss products have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently, with protests taking place against the ‘Are you beach body ready?’ adverts. Ms Relf stressed the important of being realistic in advertising.

‘We’ve always used real women in our adverts, because weight loss isn’t easy. It’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin. Just as long as you feel beach ready, then that’s the main thing.’


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