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Findings will be shared from learning pharmacy

OTC manufacturer Omega Pharma has recently become the owner of a north London community pharmacy. Why has the company made such an unusual move?

The secrecy behind quotas is madness

Why has Noel Wicks been driven to compile The Wicks Wall of Shame? It’s down to constant time-wasting supply problems, of course... In the words of the famous cartoon character Popeye, ‘That’s all I can stands, cuz I can’t stands n’more!’ This month I must say that I have had my fill of dealing with manufacturers’ nonsense customer care lines. I know I’m preaching to the converted here, but one day last week I was pushed over my tolerance threshold by back-to-back phone calls. So it is time to bust open a can of spinach, flex my guns and let rip with my latest idea: The Wicks Wall of Shame. I won’t name names in print, but I suspect that you may have had similar experiences with these companies. The winner by a country mile frustrated me so much that I was forced to go outside and kick the (actual) bin. It’s the classic story of trying to get transplant medication for a regular patient, but our staff at this particular branch tell me they have routine problems. It’s the start of the month and on checking the PMR I can see that none has been ordered so far. So why are my wholesalers passing me to the manufacturer’s customer care line?

What could the RPS Faculty do for me?

Joining the RPS Faculty could earn you hard cash and recognition by moving your career forward, explains the organisation  

Keep the focus on child health

The importance of ongoing training to give the best possible advice to parents visiting the pharmacy about common childhood illnesses

For a healthy smile

Oral care is experiencing healthy growth – improve your share of the category and educate more of your customers

In need of a pick me up?

Some customers may be keen to build up their immunity before the winter months arrive  

Are medicines supply problems improving at all?

P3 asks pharmacists for their opinion on the issue of medicine supply and if recent problems are abating

Without risk

Mike Smith puts the world to rights... I was delighted to read recently about pharmacies’ success in delivering diabetes assessments. Diabetes is a huge problem both in terms of the number of people needing effective treatment as well as the cost to the NHS of ineffective treatment. It is also set to become an even greater concern: according to Diabetes UK, by 2030, some 4.6 million people will have diabetes, 90 per cent of whom will have type 2 diabetes. Many more people will also have blood sugar levels above the normal range – so-called ‘pre-diabetes’ – and will be at greater risk of developing full-blown diabetes. Community pharmacy’s greatest asset is that it reaches the parts of the population that other healthcare services cannot reach, which is why this sort of evidence for a new pharmacy role is long overdue. Some 4.6 million people visit pharmacies each day, many of whom are well – or at least who think that they are. No other healthcare professional with such experience of treating people with long term conditions sees so many people as often.

Complying with The Equality Act 2010

Does your pharmacy comply with The Equality Act 2010?  

Talking about health

People with low health literacy levels are more likely to suffer poor health, incur higher health costs and die young.

Celesio’s new concept

Independent pharmacy owners have the opportunity to join up with a new type of support group. 

‘You can do amazing things with data’

Gary Warner ‘could do with a bit more sleep’, after years of developing a pioneering platform for pharmacy service commissioning.

What will Bestway bring to the pharmacy market?

The market will undoubtedly see changes as a result of this deal, says Noel Wicks Well, no sooner had I predicted that we would all be waving the starts and stripes for The Co-operative Pharmacy’s new owners than I’m proved wrong by Bestway Group swooping in with a £620 million pound offer for them. It’s an interesting one, and I am sure many of the staff working for Co-op will be breathing a sigh of relief that their new bosses are likely to come in and work with existing staff and structures rather than sweep everything Co-op out of the door and implant their own corporate image.

Is there a role for a sexual health champion?

The FPA is looking to community pharmacy to help clear up confusion around contraception and emergency contraception  

Should pharmacists lead the way?

P3 asks should pharmacists lead the way by example by being healthier themselves?

All not lost for babycare

There are things that you can do to start to grow the category, says one infant feeding brand. You may want to look at the area again

An urgent issue

Pharmacy is ideally placed to advise and recommend incontinence products, especially with NHS budgets squeezed.  

Health education for school term

Term is starting again soon and this will trigger child health questions in the pharmacy

Facing the future of increased demands for pharmacy

The NHS has declining resources in real terms so pharmacy could be the answer, says Chris Martin Pharmaceutical care services based around the community pharmacy network have been on pharmacy’s service development agenda since around 2005. In the almost 10 years since then, this concept has developed to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the attitudes of local commissioners – and in some cases, on which side of Hadrian’s Wall or Offa’s Dyke you are located. Today the NHS across Britain faces the task of meeting increasing demand for services with declining resources in real terms. As a result, pharmaceutical care and its potential to release the underutilised resource of the community pharmacy network has once again become the currency of negotiation and lobby. You just need to read strategy documents, such as Scotland’s Prescription for Excellence or Wales’ public health consultation document ‘Listening to You’ or to digest the minutes of the Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy Regulation Programme and its work on rethinking the supervision legislation in pharmacy, to see that the country’s health departments all have developing pharmacy very much on their minds.

Perspectives from women in pharmacy

Laura Husband speaks to five leading ladies who are making a real difference in the pharmacy profession.
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