Numark has launched a new toolkit to help its member pharmacies develop a robust action plan for their business to combat the foreseeable negative impact of the recent funding cuts.

The toolkit, available via Numark's website, advises Numark members on how to make the most of the new funding package and ensure that their pharmacies can obtain the maximum level of funding possible from the new Quality Payment scheme. It also gives realistic examples of how pharmacies can take advantage of support provided by Numark to increase margins, maximise on available income streams and significantly increase their bottom line.

Numark hopes that the toolkit, as well as other support mechanisms that have been put in place, can help members not only plug the income gap that will occur, but exceed it and ensure that the pharmacies do not have to make drastic cutbacks in their staffing levels or service provision.

Speaking about the toolkit, John D’Arcy, managing director of Numark, said: “Since the cuts were announced, we have been engaging in daily conversations with our members, discussing the issues they now face and advising them on how they can cope with the imposition of these cuts in a positive and pragmatic manner.

“The toolkit encourages members to keep in close contact with our team of specialists working at head office to support them, in particular the Information Services team who provide free confidential advice to members on a range of issues and have a detailed understanding of the new funding package.”

Originally Published by Training Matters


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