Teva has introduced a reformulated version of levothyroxine, including two previously unavailable strengths (12.5mcg and 75mcg) that are exclusive to the company.

Authorised for the control of hypothyroidism, congenital hypothyroidism in infants, acquired hypothyroidism in children and juvenile myxedema, the drug is available in the following strengths and pack sizes:

  • 12.5mcg tablets x 28
  • 25mcg tablets x 28
  • 50mcg tablets x 28
  • 75mcg tablets x 28
  • 100mcg tablets x 28.

Bruno Barcelos, senior director, generics, said: “The addition of the exclusive strengths 12.5mcg and 75mcg helps deliver on our commitment to addressing unmet patient needs – and we hope it makes a positive impact on the lives of patients living with underactive thyroid issues.”

The formulation is also lactose- and galactose-free. Underactive thyroid affects 15 in every 1,000 women and one in 1,000 men.

Originally Published by Pharmacy Magazine

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