The Pharmacists’ Defence Association has announced it will donate £1 from the membership fee of each of its members to sector charity Pharmacist Support.

Pharmacist Support provides assistance to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists, trainees and MPharm students who are facing challenging circumstances. The partnership with PDA, which is to run on an ongoing basis, will see the two organisations identify areas where there is an unmet need and offer tailored support packages.

The profession's charity

PDA chair Mark Koziol said: “I am proud and delighted to announce that the PDA has decided to make Pharmacist Support our formal charity partner. From now on, we will be donating £1 from the membership fee of every single member who has joined the PDA to Pharmacist Support. This will represent a contribution of more than £27,000 in this coming year alone and as the PDA membership continues to grow in the future, so will our contribution.”

Pharmacist Support chief executive Diane Leicester-Hallam said: “This financial commitment from the PDA is crucial to our ongoing support of the profession and enables the charity to plan ahead.”

Ms Leicester-Hallam added: “None of us can predict what is around the corner and unfortunately, we can’t always be prepared for it. Every day we receive calls from people in difficult situations and donations like the one announced by the PDA today will enable us to continue to be that much needed crutch for people and to change lives for the better.”

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