A national advertising campaign for Frontline Plus, for flea and tick protection for pets, runs until September, representing the largest ever media campaign in the brand’s history.

John Toole, Frontline retail marketing manager said: “Last year was one of evolution for the Frontline brand with the launch of an exciting pipeline of new products including new Frontline Plus and the reclassification of Frontline Spot On to AVM-GSL. We anticipate brand awareness of Frontline Plus to increase significantly amongst pet owners and we therefore expect the demand for all Frontline products to rise above the usual seasonal demand for our retailers.”

Frontline Plus, which helps to protect pets and homes from fleas and kills ticks, must be supplied to pet owners by a suitably qualified person (SQP), pharmacist or vet, says Merial.

MERIAL 0870 6000 123 (option 5)


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