A new daily toothpaste, Corsodyl Ultra Clean, has been added to the Corsodyl brand, along with a rebrand across the whole range.

The Ultra Clean toothpaste variant with 67% sodium bicarbonate is designed for daily use for people with, or susceptible to, gingivitis, and is clinically proven to reduce plaque, bleeding gums and inflammation, says GSK.

A new pack design for Corsodyl aims to attract shoppers’ attention at the fixture.

Corsodyl Daily, as well as medicated washes and toothpaste, will see their packaging change from its current colours to red. Corsodyl’s latest TV campaign, featuring a woman who spits blood before boarding a train and travelling her ‘gum disease journey’ to ‘leave bleeding gums behind’ is part of a £8.8 million campaign for Corsodyl for 2017, the brand’s largest ever media spend.

Many people are still ignoring the early signs of gum disease, says Hannah Eckstein, Corsodyl senior brand manager.

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