Infant feeding and allergy risk


  • Infant feeding and allergy risk
  • Objectives
  • Atopic eczema
  • Allergy risk and incidence
  • Protective role of breastfeeding
  • If breastfeeding is not possible
  • SMA H.A.®
  • Introducing complementary foods
  • Pharmacy's role
  • Learning scenario
  • More information
  • Post test
  • Action & Evaluation

Infant feeding and allergy risk

Childhood allergy is a growing problem and atopic eczema is often the first manifestation of allergy (atopy). Atopic eczema affects up to 20 per cent of children, and in 45 per cent of children affected, the onset of atopic eczema occurs during the first 6 months of life.1 This module highlights a clinically proven hydrolysed formula that reduces the risk of developing allergies such as eczema in susceptible children.2

Originally Published by Pharmacy Magazine